Friday, September 25, 2009

Let's just pack up our bags, and go...

Today, I am moving to England.

I am bringing two suitcases fully equipped with my favorite items of clothing, too many scarves, a faithful teddy bear, and a pair of kelly green rain boots. I constantly glance over at the stretching zippers and wonder how long they will be able to do there job. Then I find one more thing, and unzip the suitcase, watch it let out the breathe of air it had ever so desperately been holding in, shove something else in the impossibly tight corner, and start the long process of zipping it back up again.

I hate packing. Also, I am fully aware of the fact that I will forget something. I know I will.

This last week has been one full of laughter, tears, poetry, surprises, porches, goodbyes, and freak-outs. And in the midst of all of this, I haven't once taken the time to let my brain fully comprehend the fact that I am leaving. But now, as i sit in my (moderately) clean room staring at my packed suitcases, and the items that are to be left behind, the reality of all of this seems to be sitting right by me (like he has been the entire time), and I have only just greeted him now.

Hello Reality, nice to see you. Hopefully we will get along and that soon I will be able to call you by your care-free nickname:


I will try to write in my blog as often as possible to keep my dear friends and family updated with my life in England. Maybe I'll post pictures, maybe not. But guaranteed, I will write of my adventures, and the lessons that I'm sure God will be teaching me the next few months.

For now, however, I will turn off my computer, place the needle on my Don Fogelberg vinyl, lay back on my floor, close my eyes, and just...... rest.

See you kids across the pond.

[I took this picture in Colorado at the beginning of this summer. I think it's a good symbol of beginnings.]

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  1. I am so going to be praying for you dear - You will love the castle, you will love its secrets, you will love the people that will be leading you, you will love the adventures you find yourself in (and always make sure that the fence that separates you and the Shetland pony down the road, doesn't disappear and you find yourself in his pen - they can be nasty lil fellas). If ever you need a "hello", the lamas next to the Shetland's pen are always friendly. And I dare you to take a walk and try to find the sign that says "No Bathing Allowed" (Its pretty awesome if I do say so myself). I'd give anything to go back and be in your shoes again. You'll love it. I will be praying for you, along with thousands upon thousands of previous students. I love you dear!