Thursday, August 19, 2010


It's hard to believe that this summer is over. It seems like only yesterday that it began. When I think back on this season of humid weather and trips to the lake, I feel like it's flown by, but I also feel like a lifetime of memories were made. So many joyful moments, packed into a few precious months. Scenes of two sets of feet balancing off of the most perfect pier in all the world, emergency runs to mcdonalds for ice cream way more delicious than half a dollar, old friendships becoming older and stronger, and new ones becoming more than i could have ever imagined.

It was a challenging summer, but a wonderful one all the same. Sometimes I have to press the pause button on my life, take a few steps back, and realize how blessed I am. How fortunate I am to be given these beautiful opportunities in life.

I strongly believe that these opportunities were given to me by God. I do. But I also believe that it was my choice to take them or not. This whole, "taking advantage of opportunities" thing is new for me. Because, well, it's sort of terrifying. Actually, it's really terrifying. It's human nature to want to control things. I mean, it's the reason there are rules in classrooms and pedals on bikes. Some people are attracted to the unknown, but there is still a speck of terror. But, this is what I've realized: even though the results are unknown, I have no reason to be scared. God is in everything. He is in every result. He is in every opportunity, even the ones I choose not to take. And if i truly believe that, than fearing the unknown is pointless. So, I will realize that God is faithful, and live accordingly.

I will see the unknown as beautiful and exciting.

I realize that this will not be easy. But it's something that I desperately want to work for. Especially now.

So, friends, let us not hesitate, but leap into the unknown...

Pack up your bags and move to a castle in the middle of rural England.
Let a boy hold your hand.
Get lost, just because.
Look at the stars for so long that your eyes hurt.
Stay out past curfew.
Surprise a friend.
Say yes.

and dwell in the peace that comes from the acknowledgement that the entire universe is taking care of you.

[I'm moving to a new place soon. And I'm trying to leap... but it's sort of hard.]

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Look up.

I have spent the last few days in Lake Tahoe along with my family. This little trip has been restful in every way possible. Simply having time to sit down and be with my family.

Lake Tahoe is beautiful. The clearest most blue body of water I've ever seen. It's breathtaking.

My family is so wonderful. The most wonderful people I know. As I get older, I realize more and more how precious and important it is to spend time with each other and just, listen, laugh, learn, and love.

This wonderful, but short trip, however, has come to an end. And here I am.... on yet another plane...

Planes can be frustrating. Delays, re-routes, cancellations, a loud or obnoxious seat partner.... the potential things to complain about are endless. I was on a plane today, and just about all of the previous things had happened to me, not to mention I was extremely hungry. I was sitting there on the plane, my eyes to tired to read, but not tired enough to sleep. I know we were starting our descend, and I just kept thinking, "you're almost there, this is almost over, you get to stand up soon, and get off of this airplane." Then, in an act of pure desperation, i lifted up the window covering hoping for at least one cloud to stare at.

Little did I know that this cheap, plastic window shade was the gate to the one of the most beautiful things I'd ever seen.

I was flying in the middle of a sunset. The clouds around me were impossibly orange, and the rest of the sky on fire with the rays of the sun. It seemed to cover everything in sight. My mind emptied of absolutely everything, and I just stared out the window upon what seemed like a flame-licked kingdom. The warm tears streamed down my face representing all the words I couldn't say.

I glanced around me to see if anyone else was moved by the masterpiece surrounding us. I was sad to see all the drooling men, annoyed women, distracted children, and angry flight attendants. All the glory, this majesty, this beauty, going completely unnoticed. And then I realized,

This is not about them.

Right now, in this moment, this is about me, and my Creator. He is telling me He loves me and I need to accept it, and be grateful from the very bottom of my soul.

I can choose to notice this beauty and accept this kind of love each and everyday. Whether it be through the sunsets, the laughter of my brother, the wisdom of my grandfather, the clearness of a lake, or in the comfort if knowing that I am beloved.

Let us look up, and see the love that is waiting for us...