Monday, April 6, 2009

Just sit back and laugh.

So lately, I have been laughing out loud at things that I see. Even when I'm by myself. Yes, I realize that this is probably a sign of my oncoming insanity, but i sort of enjoy it.
For example, I thought I saw someone smoking a cigarette at John Brown No Tobacco University today in the middle of campus, and I just started laughing out loud as I strolled to class. I mean, I was mistaken.. but still, just the though made me chuckle. Now I realize some of you might read this observation as a silly mistake of an extremely harmful act. But man, I thought it was hilarious.
I feel like a spent all of last semester frowning. I mean, it was probably one of the hardest semesters of my life, and I never took time to smile or laugh, except on rare occasions. But now that I find myself smirking at even the smallest things, it has just made me a generally happier person.
Also, I think that my dad's sense of humor is becoming increasingly wittier as the years go by and I appreciate it so much. Really. It's made our relationship so much closer. He's becoming one of my best friends. All we need is to sit on the back porch, an ice cold beer for him, and a cup of steaming coffee for me, and a little bit of Cat Stevens, and we could be completely content.

I really want:
a sail boat.
a rocking chair that squeaks.
the ability to play the violin.
artistic ability.
and a pen pal. (any takers?)

Alright kids, make yourself laugh...


  1. that would make me laugh if I saw someone smoking on the Quad. there's cigs everywhere so I'm sure it happens . . . I'll be your pen pal . . .

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  3. kins,
    i love your blog. and i also love wendell berry. i will rant with you about mad love of nature, peace, violin playing (for me, it's the fiddle), and simplicity anytime.
    love to you, beautiful girl.